Ways to speed up old Android phones

As the mobile phone gets older, the speed of the mobile phone decreases day by day. When we buy a new mobile phone, the speed of that mobile is very fast. We feel very comfortable driving that car. But when the age of the mobile phone reaches a year or more, the mobile phone starts to slow down.

Ways to speed up old Android phones

Through today's post, we will know how to increase the speed of old mobile phones. Let's start.

1. Delete Unused Apps: We frequently install apps on our mobile phones that we never use. Besides, some mobile companies sponsor various app companies and install some apps on our mobiles that are never useful to us.

Uninstall such apps. But for some apps, which you cannot uninstall, keep them disabled. This will free up your memory a lot.

2. Restart the phone: Like a computer, restarting the mobile phone increases the performance of the phone. Restarting the mobile phone closes the unnecessary programs hidden inside you. Besides, restarting the mobile phone boosts the mobile phone. This can increase the speed of your mobile phone.

3. Update the phone: Many of us do not update our phones' software when it comes. If there is any software-related problem with the phone, it is fixed by the company through software updates. So when the mobile software update comes, do it. But before giving the software update, you must go to the official group of the mobile company you are using and learn about the update first. because sometimes software updates can cause various problems with the phone.

4. Use of SD card or cloud: If you keep any large file on your phone, the memory will quickly fill up.This will reduce the speed of the mobile phone. As a result, try to keep large files on an SD card or in the cloud.This will reduce the pressure on your mobile storage. When using cloud stories, you must use cloud stories from trusted companies. Otherwise, your files may be stolen.

5. Use Lite Apps: If your phone's RAM and level are low, try using Lite apps.Lite apps are coded in such a way that these apps can run smoothly on low-storage mobiles. Besides, if you use lite apps, your storage will not fill up easily. One by one, your phone speed will be fine.

6. Use display settings: Most of us don't worry much about display settings. A phone's performance also depends on its display settings. Your mobile performance will drop day by day if you have too many widgets on your home screen. You can use dark mode for phone performance. Furthermore, try to use your phone's brightness as little as possible.If the brightness on the mobile is always high, the performance on the mobile decreases day by day.

7. Factory reset: If the performance of your phone does not increase after using all the above options, then you can try a factory reset. A factory reset will delete all your mobile data. In addition, unnecessary programs and apps will also be deleted from the phone. As a result, your phone's performance will work like new.

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