What to do if the Android phone does not charge?

Currently, Android users make up the majority of smartphone users. Almost every home in our country has an Android mobile phone. When the Android mobile is old, various problems arise, one of them being the charging problem.

What to do if the Android phone does not charge?

There are several reasons for phone charging problems. In today's post, we will discuss those reasons and their solutions. Let's start.

1. Restart the phone: Our phones frequently run a slew of useless apps. Also, we install many unnecessary apps for various reasons and uninstall them, but their programs are still running inside. Due to this, the charge of the phone ends quickly. If you restart your mobile, the uninstalled apps will be closed and other apps and programs will be restarted. As a result, your phone's charging problem will be eliminated.

2. Clean the charging port: Due to the use of our mobiles for a long time, a lot of dust accumulates in our charging ports. Most of us don't clean this dust, which causes the charging port to rust. So it is better to clean the different ports of the mobile every few days or after a few months. If you have a charging problem, then you can try to clear charging. It might solve the problem.

3. Changing the charging port: If none of the above works, you may have a problem with the charging port. So get your mobile charging port changed by an experienced technician. If you go to the technician, they will be able to give you a good solution for your phone not charging or charging quickly.

4. Use of Safe Mode: If you do not get the solution by adopting one of the two methods above, then you can use Android's Safe Mode. By using this total, you will not be able to run Android default apps or third-party apps other than the company's default apps on the phone. However, this total may vary by company.

Many companies allow them to run third-party apps in safe mode. However, this feature will stop unnecessary programs and apps (which run in hidden mode). So you can also try this feature.

5. Software Update: Check for any software issues on your phone. Many times, when the software is updated by the company, this kind of problem has to be faced after the update due to the problem in it. So check the software and update it if there is a new update.

6. Change adapter or cable: If your charging problem is still not resolved, you can try changing your phone's adapter or charging cable. Of course, you should try to use the adapter of the company that makes the mobile phone you are using. Currently, many companies have added such a feature to their mobile phones, as a result of which, when the mobile is charged with an adapter from a company other than their company's adapter, there are various problems in charging the phone. So you can also try this solution.

7. If water gets into the phone: If water gets into your phone for any reason, then a charging problem may occur. In addition, due to the short motherboard of the mobile phone, the charge may end quickly. So make sure first whether water has entered your phone. If water has entered the mobile, then arrange to clean the mobile-first.

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