Difference between Lathe Machine and Milling Machine

Difference between Lathe Machine and Milling Machine

Lathe Machine:

A very important machine in the machine shop is the lathe, which performs various types of work by rotating an object on its axis.

A lathe is a type of machine tool that is powered by electricity. A lathe can produce objects that are symmetrical about its axis of rotation.

Lathes are used for various tasks. Lathes are also used to shape objects such as woodwork, metalwork, metal turning and glasswork, clay or porcelain, or stoneware.

A well-known example is Kumar's compound wheel. More advanced lathes can produce many types of circular solids and flat surfaces, and screw threads or helixes can be cut. Incredibly complex three-dimensional objects can be created with decorative lathes.

Principle of Lathe Machine:

 In a lathe, the cutting tool is moved back and forth over the rotating job to remove unwanted metal from the job. Operation by the cutting tool on the rotating job is the principle of the lathe machine.

How many types of lathe machine and what is it?

Lathe machines are mainly of 2 types.  Namely:-

 1.  Horizontal Lathe.

 2.  Vertical lathe.

Lathe machines are also of different types.  For example:-

 a. Engine Lathe.

 b. Turret lathe.

 c.  Multiple spindle lathe.

 Metal objects are worked with these three lathes.

 d. Woodled etc.

What are the main operations of the lathe?

 The main operations of a lathe are:-

 1. Turning

 2. Facing

 3. Drilling

 4. Reaming

 5. Boring

 6. Thread cutting

 7. Taper turning

 8. Knurling etc.

What are the names of the main 5 parts of the lathe machine?

The names of the main 5 parts of the lathe machine are:-

 1. Bed

 2. Headstock

 3. Tailstock

 4. Carriage

 5. Main spindle.

Milling Machine:

Milling is the process of cutting something into shape by rotating multi-toothed cutters and the machine that performs this process is called a milling machine.

There are mainly four types of milling machines according to size.  Namely:-

1. Column and net type milling machine.

 2. Planer-type milling machine.

 3. Fixed bed type milling machine.

 4. Special type milling machine.

What are the main parts of the milling machine?

 The main parts of the milling machine are:-

 1. Base

 2.  Ni

 3. Table

 4. Column

 5. Arbar

 6.  Spindle

 7. Over arm

 8. Sadals etc.

Difference between lathe machine and milling machine

Si: No Lathe Machine Milling Machine
1 Single point cutting tools are used in lathes. Multi point cutting tools are used in milling machines.
2 Threads are mainly cut by lathes. Gear grooves are mainly cut by milling machines.
3 Lathe cutting tool is fixed. The cutting tool of a milling machine is rotary.
4 Gears cannot be made with a lathe. Gears can be made with milling machines.
5 Turning, drilling, boring etc. are done by lathe machine. Gears or groups of gears are cut by milling machines.
6 Lathe machine rotates the workpiece or job. The milling machine has a rotating cutter.
7 Conventional lathes have 2 axes. Conventional milling machines have 3 axes.
8 During operation in a lathe, the workpiece is rotating and the cutting tool is stationary. During operation in a milling machine, the workpiece is stationary and the cutting tool is rotating.
9 Inside and outside die of the job is done with lathe machine. Milling machine is used to work on any shaped job surface.
10 Lathe can be used to perform additional parts of the job. Milling machine can perform all types of jobs.
11 Cutting tools used in lathe are- facing tool, roughing tool, finishing tool, boring tool, boring tool. Cutting tools used in milling machines are- single angle cutter, double cutter, gear hob cutter, spline cutter, double end mill cutter, T-slot cutter.
12 Turning, Thread Cutting, Facing, Counterboring, Boring, Drilling, Reaming, Spot Facing, Sanding, Cutting, Knurling, Chamfering operations can be done with lathe machine. Facing, Side milling, Plain milling, Sawmilling, Milling key ways, Grooves, Slots Threading, Straddle milling, Gang milling, Form milling, Helical milling can be done with milling machine.
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