What is the difference between gear and pinion?

Difference between Gear and Pinion

Difference Between Gear and Pinion: The larger of the two gears is called gear and the smaller is called the pinion.  Generally, gears below 2.5 cm in diameter are called pinions.

Gear: A gear is a type of wheel or wheel that meshes with another similar wheel or wheel and is used to transfer power from one shaft to another shaft.

Pinion: A pinion is a type of spherical wheel with parallel teeth, which transfers power from one shaft to another shaft through direct contact after rotating the metal or fiber material in parallel teeth, which is called a pinion.

Difference between Gear and Pinion:

 No Gear Pinion
1. Gear driven. Pinion driver.
2. The gear has more teeth. The pinion has fewer teeth.
3. The gear takes power from the pinion. The pinion takes power from the engine.
4. Gear the larger of the two gears. The smaller one is called the pinion. Generally, gears below 2.5 cm in diameter are called pinions.
5. Gear RPM is low. The RPM of the pinion is high.
6. The gear is larger than the pinion. The pinion is much smaller than the gear.
7 Gear output shaft. The pinion is always the input shaft.
8 Gear diameter is large. The diameter of the pinion is small.
9 The gear is the driver. The pinion is the power transmitter.
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